Pokémon Safari: Entei
Pokémon Safari: Entei

Always loved the movie for this one. Rewatching it recently I was really fascinated with the crystal structures and overall aesthetic of the film. Felt almost impossible to catch this one in Pokémon Gold and Silver though...

The smoke and crystals were quite fun to make in this one. The smoke is sculpted in ZBrush, then applying a volumetric shader with some extra displacement mixed in there, the crystals were done with geometry nodes and shader work.

Sculpted in ZBrush, Rendered in Blender, Composited with Blender & Photoshop.
The environment assets were created within Blender and ZBrush (ZBrush for the flower petal and center). The Pokémon is a polypainted highpoly.

These are meant to be fast, quick and fun explorations taking a trip down memory lane and capturing a scene or moment from a game or movie. Playing & exploring in 3D.

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