Pokémon Safari: Celebi
Pokémon Safari: Celebi

Celebi from Pokémon 4Ever, I remember watching it quite often as a kid. Always loved the ambience of the forest in that one also time travel is always fun : )

For this one I became more familiar with Geometry nodes, and started pushing how much I could render and work with in an almost realtime environment. Blender is quite powerful in this regard. Especially with the denoisers and geo nodes.

Sculpted in ZBrush, Rendered in Blender, Composited with Blender & Photoshop.

The environment assets were brought in from a few plugins, like Botaniq in Blender, or Megascans, then spread around with Geo nodes. Some assets were tweaked slightly as well. The Pokémon is a simple polypainted highpoly with some shader work ;) It was fun to model something on the cuter side for a change actually.

These are meant to be fast, quick and fun explorations taking a trip down memory lane and capturing a scene or moment from a game or movie. Playing & exploring in 3D.

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