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Pokémon Safari: Lugia
Pokémon Safari: Lugia

Lugia's song was always a special moment for me, I remember watching the movie Pokemon: 2000 back in cinemas. Good times : )
I wanted to capture just the feeling of relaxation and the ocean. Had a lot of fun on creating the water for this one! Took a few days of tests haha, in the end I mixed a few different techniques in the shader and also displacing the mesh itself with modifiers.

Sculpted in ZBrush, Rendered in Blender, Composited with Blender & Photoshop.
The environment assets were brought in from Megascans. The Pokémon is a simple polypainted highpoly.

These are meant to be fast, quick and fun explorations taking a trip down memory lane and capturing a scene or moment from a game or movie. Simply playing & exploring in 3D.

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